Apple’s shake-to-charge patent may one day find its way into iDevices


A recently-published patent application from Apple shows that the company is looking to get a system powered by way of electromagnetic induction, something that could possibly remove the need to charge iPhones or iPods.

Apple’s patent proposes using small, moveable magnets that would slide past printed flat coils as a way for generating power for a device. The concept of using electromagnetic induction as a power source isn’t new but designs are typically too large or too low-powered for use in something like a handset.

AppleInsider’s breakdown of the patent shows that using a ‘shake-to-charge’ system might be feasible in future but right now the power requirements are too high for such a concept to be implemented. It could also conceivably be utilised as a way of extending battery life in a device rather than as a full-scale battery/charger replacement

Source: AppleInsider


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