RIM licenses exFAT file system from Microsoft


Microsoft has released a statement confirming that BlackBerry manufacturer RIM has licensed Redmond’s exFAT (Extended File Allocation Table) file system for use in the new BlackBerry devices.

The announcement was made around the same time that images of BlackBerry’s newest addition were being leaked and, taken with the design of the handset, RIM’s inclusion of exFAT into the BlackBerry’s ecosystem could point towards a more flexible handset than has been seen from the company in the past.

Microsoft’s exFAT sees use in a wide range of products and devices thanks to its ability to allow transmission of far larger files than its predecessors FAT32 and NTFS. Adding exFAT to BlackBerry 10 device suggests that there may be a greater degree of interoperability planned between RIM’s upcoming handsets and devices made by other companies.

Source: PC World


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