Apple – 2 million iPhone 5’s pre-ordered in 24 hours


Apple said today that the iPhone 5 has set a record for pre-orders for the company. Pre-orders have topped 2 million units in the space of 24 hours, twice the amount the previous record holder for Apple, the iPhone 4S, managed. The iPhone 4S only garnered a million pre-orders over the same time period.

That Apple is seeming a record number of pre-orders isn’t that surprising when early reports are considered. Several online outlets taking pre-orders for the latest phone from Cupertino had difficulties when orders opened and Apple reportedly sold out of the initial stock of the phone within 60 minutes.

As a result some iPhone 5 handsets which were ordered online will only see delivery in October according to Apple. The iPhone 5 officially launches on Friday, 21 September.

Source: CNET


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