University team builds part of a low-cost supercomputer with Lego and Raspberry Pi


A team based at the University of Southampton have taken several several of the ARM-based Rapsberry Pi mini-PCs and stacked them together to form the basis of a supercomputer, with the aid of Lego.

The team, led by Professor Simon Cox, fitted together 64 Raspberry Pi systems – each with their own 16GB SD card – to build a working computer cluster. The total cost? Around R34, 000, if you leave out the cost of the Ethernet switches used to link the nodes together. The cluster has been racked using Lego blocks which were put together by Professor Cox’s six-year-old son James, who has been learning Python on the low-cost PCs.

Professor Cox has said “As soon as we were able to source sufficient Raspberry Pi computers we wanted to see if it was possible to link them together into a supercomputer. We installed and built all of the necessary software on the Pi starting from a standard Debian Wheezy system image and we have published a guide so you can build your own supercomputer.”

Source/Image: Ars Technica


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