Nintendo’s Wii U launching for Europe on 30 November


Nintendo has finally confirmed launch dates and pricing for the company’s upcoming Wii U console, the successor to the Nintendo Wii. Details of the content in the two official versions of the console have also been made available.

America will be getting the console ahead of everyone else, on 18 November this year. Europe is next in line, possibly along with South Africa (though there is no confirmed date for this country yet), with a 30 November launch while Japan will have the Wii U in stores from 8 December. Pricing was announced for the States as follows: $299 for the Basic edition of the Wii U and $349 for the Deluxe version. Europe’s pricing has not been announced so far.

The Basic bundle will contain a white Wii U console, a GamePad, sensor bar, 8GB SSD and (strangely) an HDMI cable. The Deluxe version has a black console and upgrades the SSD to 32GB, adding a console stand, charging stand and a copy of Nintendoland, one of the console’s launch titles from Nintendo to the bundle.

Source: CNET and Engadget


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