Facebook sued for patent infringement by University of California – report


Facebook is reportedly facing another patent suit, this one courtesy of the University of California. Facebook is being sued for violating four patents that the university holds but the social network isn’t alone. Wal-Mart and the Walt Disney Company are also included in the suit.

The University of California filed the suit on Wednesday in conjunction with Eolas Technologies Incorporated, a company founded to “return value to its shareholders by commercializing…technologies through strategic alliances, licensing and spin offs.”

All of the patents cited in the complaint deal with a “distributed hypermedia method” for “automatically invoking external application providing interaction and display of embedded objects within a hypermedia document.”

Two of the patents, the ‘906 and ‘985 patents, were found to be invalid by a Texas jury in a case against Google and Amazon earlier this year. The other two, the ‘293 and ‘662 patents, are related to the first two but were awarded at a later date.

Source: PC World


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