500 million Android devices activated, total shipments expected to hit 1 billion in 2013


Apple’s latest announcement is due soon but that hasn’t stopped Google from trying to take a little of the attention away from the newest iDevice. Last night the company announced another milestone for the Android operating system, which has seen 500 million devices activated with the OS installed.

Android’s director of product management Hugo Bara said yesterday “Today is a big day for Android… 500 million devices activated globally, and over 1.3 million added every single day” though CNET notes that it isn’t clear how many of the new activations are replacing older versions.

In addition, projected data from information company IHS says that Android device shipments will rise in 2013 from 357 million units this year to 451 million units. Cumulative shipments of Android should hit 1.1 billion at the end of 2013. Apple is expected to hit 527 million by the same time, reaching the 1 billion mark in 2015.

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