Google assists in getting Alan Turing Monopoly board game launched


Google has helped to get an Alan Turing edition of the Monopoly board game launched. The Turing edition was designed by mathematician Max Newman’s son William and the Bletchley Park Trust and was put together by custom board-game maker Winning Moves.

Turing was fascinated by the board game and was convinced that there was a code-based tactic to playing and winning at Monopoly, though he was unable to develop a strategy that would make victory certain.

The special edition board replaces locations on the standard game with locations connected to Turing’s life, the Chance and Community Chest cards have been swapped out for the Enigma Machine and Bombe and Alan Turing’s face appears on some of the game’s money.

CEO of the Bletchley Park Trust Iain Standen said “Bringing this board to life has been one of the most exciting and unique projects we’ve been involved with here, and we’re thrilled to see it finally available for others to enjoy. his edition really completes the fantastic story of the board, from it being played on by Turing (and his losing on it), to it going missing and then being rediscovered and donated to the museum here. Of course, we’re also very proud that Bletchley Park adorns the ‘Mayfair’ square.”

Google has paid for the production of the first 1,000 boards and the set will include the original modified version of the game designed by William Newman. The Alan Turing edition of Monopoly is set to be released this November and pre-orders of the game can be placed here.

Source: The Guardian


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