Sony’s RX1 compact full-frame camera images leak


Photos of Sony’s compact full-frame RX1 camera have leaked out with pictures of the shooter turning up amid images of a bundle of other Sony cameras, including the NEX–6 and the A99 full-frame SLR.

Some details can be gleaned from the images, such as the 35mm f/2.0 lens which doesn’t appear to be detachable. While the probable lack of interchangeable lenses seems depressing, the RX does appear to feature controls for aperture and exposure compensation.

The compact-bodied camera will have a pop-up flash and several other bits and pieces that should make it an attractive little piece of hardware but there is no word on a price or release date. The A99 is supposedly going to be revealed by Sony on 12 September and there is a chance that the RX1 will make an appearance at the same time.

Source/Image: Engadget


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