Fujitsu building software robot, forcing it to take exams


Fujitsu announced today that the company will be leading a project to create an artificial intelligence capable of passing the mathematics section of the entrance exam for Japan’s Tokyo University.

There are several steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the goal by 2021, which is when the researchers hope to have the project completed. The AI will have to process a test as humans receive it, converting information on a hardcopy test into something that the AI can understand and then respond with answers on a par with Japan’s top high school students.

Fujitsu said in a statement “Each of these steps still poses major theoretical and practical problems, and for each one, the solution will involve an appropriate combination of various technologies.”

According to the company current computers can only solve about half of the math problems presented in Tokyo University’s grueling entrance exams. The technology developed for the AI will eventually be used to create systems capable of analysing and optimising themselves.

Source: PC World


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