Microsoft’s Bing asks users to ‘Bing it on’ in blind head-to-head challenge with Google


Microsoft has got a promotional challenge going, based off a study that the company has done, which invites internet users to “Bing it on”.

The challenge involves heading to the promotional website and entering five search terms. The results, stripped of all advertisements and other identifying content, for both Google and Bing are displayed side by side and users need to select whether the left or right side provides better results. There is also a draw option if there is no discernible difference.

The idea is that users find out for themselves just how Bing stacks up to the search giant’s results. According to Microsoft’s study of 1,000 randomly selected participants, internet users selected Bing over Google at a ratio of 2:1 in blind comparison tests.

We tested out the promotion ourselves and Google managed to scoop the win over Bing with a result of 4 to 1. But that won’t hold true for everyone, especially if Microsoft’s study data is accurate.

Source: CNET


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