UK production of Raspberry Pi computers begins at Sony facility


The credit-card sized Raspberry Pi Linux-based computer, the brainchild of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, has changed production facilities. The low-cost PC will now be manufactured at a Sony plant in South Wales in the UK.

Sony’s plant in Pencoed, South Wales, will be producing 30,000 Raspberry Pi units a month under the initial contract that the Foundation has with them and it seems that the Japanese company has already spent £50,000 on ” PoP (Package on Package – the fiddly stuff where the Broadcom chip at the heart of the Raspberry Pi is stacked beneath the RAM chip) hardware and expansion capability” for the production runs.

The Raspberry Pi PC was originally being manufactured at facilities in Taiwan and China, thanks to some prohibitive UK tax laws on electronic components which would have driven up the cost of the mini-computers. Negotiations that took place over six months have made local production possible for the UK-based Foundation but some units will continue to be made in Asia.

Source: Games Industry


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