Wikipedia kicks off Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 photo contest


Wikipedia has kicked off the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 photo contest, which is aimed mostly at getting images of cultural and historical relevance uploaded to Wikimedia Commons under a free license.

The contest runs for the month of September and, unlike previous outings for the event, there are more than 30 countries participating – including South Africa.

There are national prizes for South Africans, chief among them being a R4,000 voucher from SA Camera but there is also a specific category for images taken in the Western Cape. Winners from these sections may be nominated for judging in the international contest, which carries a further ten prizes for the ten best images. The main prize for the international leg is a trip to Hong Kong for a photo tour and a visit to Wikimania.

There are some rules for the international competition however, most of which also apply at a national level. The images need to be:

  • Self taken and self uploaded;
  • Uploaded in September 2012;
  • Freely licensed;
  • Contain an identified monument;
  • Nominated through a national contest

Source/Image: AllThingsD


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