Windows 7 now the world’s most used desktop OS


Microsoft’s Windows XP operating system has been deposed as the king of the desktop thanks to Microsoft’s other OS, Windows 7.

According to tracking data from Net Applications Windows 7 has edged out XP by a fraction of a percent, holding 42.76% of the desktop market share compared to XP’s 42.5%. This has been some time in coming but Windows 7 has been steadily catching up to its aging predecessor.

This may not be a new occurrence however. CNET reports that web tracking company StatCounter claims that Windows 7 overtook XP in 2011, with the tracking company crediting Windows 7 with over 50% of the market at present.

The launch of Windows 8 is just around the corner and it will be very interesting to see where the new OS starts to cannibalise market share. Odds are that it will eat into Windows 7, Vista and XP but its release could see Windows XP regaining the top spot as the most used desktop OS, should those who didn’t upgrade on the last two outings stick to what they have.

Source: CNET


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