Rumour – Apple’s new iPhone will sport an NFC chip?


Apple’s latest phone is rumoured to feature an NFC (near field communication) chip, speculation brought on by the publication of images purported to be the front assembly of the newest iPhone.

The newest images are similar to those that have been seen previously but there are more parts fitted to the apparent assembly, including something that could be an NFC chip. There has been no confirmation on what this component is one way or the other but, according to MacOtakara (via Apple Insider), the EMI shielded section fits the dimensions of existing NFC solutions.

There have been signs previously that Apple is looking to integrate NFC into its devices though there has been little to suggest how that may come about. NFC has already been implemented in Japan but is rarely seen in the smartphone market outside of that country.

The accuracy of this latest rumour will be put to the test come 12 September when Apple is expected to reveal the latest iteration of its iPhone.

Source/Image: via Apple Insider


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