LG confirms mass production of in-cell touchscreen, may be destined for iPhone 5


LG Display has confirmed that the company began mass-producing its new in-cell touchscreens earlier this month.

There are apparently no problems being experienced with the production of the new screens, which are widely speculated to form part of Apple’s new iPhone. CEO of LG Display Han Sang-beomaid yesterday that “We just began mass production and we don’t expect any disruption in supplies.”

Apple’s announcement on 12 September is expected to reveal a new iPhone from the company, with a larger-than-previously-seen display. An in-cell screen is rumoured to form a part of the new handset.

However another company, Sharp, also claimed earlier this month that they will be shipping displays for Apple’s new iPhone. Sharp’s IGZO displays would reportedly reduce battery consumption in devices by up to 90%.

Source: Engadget and Reuters


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