The Oatmeal’s Tesla crowdfunding project hits its goal with a month to spare


Matthew Inman, who runs the The Oatmeal website, last week put up a fundraising project on crowdfunding site Indiegogo called Operation Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum. Inman has always been a huge fan of Nikolai Tesla and the project was intended to help a non-profit organisation to purchase the site of Tesla’s last lab, Wardenclyffe, which is located in Shoreham, New York.

The sum that Inman’s Operation was looking for was $850,000, which would have been matched by a grant from the New York State, in order to preserve Tesla’s lab. The project has reached its goal, with well over a month to spare, thanks to an anonymous donation of $33,000 which pushed the funding up to $873,169. At the moment the fundraiser stands at around $916,000 and presumably any additional cash will go towards actually erecting a museum on the site. The current round of fundraising was solely aimed at purchasing Wardenclyffe.

Inman said in his project pitch:

Even if we raise the full amount and end up with $1.7 million, this isn’t enough to build an actual museum / science center. But it will effectively put the property into the right hands so it can eventually be renovated into something fitting for one of the greatest inventors of our time.

Internet, this is where you come in: HELP ME BUILD A GODDAMN TESLA MUSEUM.”

There are still 39 days left for the project to run.

Source: CNET Image: The Oatmeal


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