Microsoft kicks off Windows 8 Upgrade Offer, limited to new purchases


Windows fans who purchase or have purchased a Windows 7 system between 2 June this year and 31 January 2013 can sign up now for a reduced price upgrade of their OS to Windows 8 Pro (Upgrade).

Users who buy/have bought a Windows 7 system between the dates above can sign up for the Windows Upgrade Offer which nets those users a pre-order discount of sorts. An upgrade to Windows 8 Pro will cost eligible buyers $14.99 (R125), with this price being confirmed for South African buyers.

Entering the details of the recent purchase and existing Windows 7 key, along with the payment of course, is enough to secure an upgrade code from Microsoft. The company will begin sending them out on 26 October when the OS launches so that users can begin their upgrades.

The final day that anyone can register for the reduced-price upgrade will be 28 February 2013 and there will be physical discs with the OS available from Microsoft for an additional fee (plus shipping).

Source: Microsoft via Engadget


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