Apple officially the most valuable public company ever


Apple has officially become the most valuable public company ever thanks to last week’s valuation of the company, which put it past the $600 billion mark, and an increase in the company’s stock yesterday that put the company at over $623 billion.

Apple’s shares yesterday were trading at a high of $664.74, putting the company’s value beyond Microsoft’s peak of $616.3 billion in December 1999.

AllThingsD notes that while Apple is the top dog in purely dollar terms, adjusting Microsoft’s performance in 1999  for inflation puts the Redmond company’s value at the time at $850 billion in today’s terms. Microsoft is currently worth $257.6 billion.

A year ago Apple was competing with Exxon Mobil for the title of ‘world’s move valuable company’. At the moment Cupertino is worth about $200 billion more than it’s former competitor so it is safe to say that Apple has won this one for now.

Source: AllThingsD


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