Windows Phone to pass BlackBerry’s install base


Windows Phone is set to pass BlackBerry’s install base, in the US at least, according to a report from WMPowerUser. BlackBerry’s share of the market is steadily dropping in the States, while Windows Phone’s is slowly increasing.

The end result of this trend, should it continue, is that WP OS and BlackBerry OS will swap places in the market in the last few weeks of 2012, though the two companies are still just fighting it out over Samsung and Apple’s table scraps.

Windows Phone will supplant BlackBerry as the third in line in the American market, especially since Nokia almost certainly has a new WP handset planned for October or November. RIM’s delay of BlackBerry 10 to 2013 and Microsoft’s release of Windows 8 later this year, along with some new mobile devices, will also be a factor in when the company will be bumped from the number three slot.

Source: Ars Technica


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