Stompy the robot spider vehicle has completed his Kickstarter


Kickstarter has had its share of dubious products but the Project Hexapod Kickstarter is just plain awesome. The team working on it has proposed making a “rideable, 18 foot  wide, 4,000 pound, 6-legged, engine-powered hydraulic walking robot named Stompy” and they have managed to get the $65,000 in funding they needed to do it.

There are still thirteen days left to fund the project and the team has added an unofficial update to the funding terms. If they manage to hit $95,000 then several upgrades will be developed and installed for the walking robo-spider-car including upgraded ground-detection sensors, an improved hydraulic powerplant and the start of sensors aimed at autonomous movement for Stompy.

The project, as awesome as a walking spider-car is, has some aims in mind. Stompy could see use in disaster areas where conventional ground-vehicles cannot travel and the group will also be releasing all the information on how to replicate their work, making this a wholly open-source project. The funding stands at a little under $82,000 right now and closes on 2 September.

Source: Kickstarter via PopSci


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