Steve Jobs’ home burglarised


The home of the late Steve Jobs has been burglarised, with over $60,000 worth of computing equipment being stolen during the break-in. The thief, one Kariem McFarlin, has been arrested and charged with “residential burglary and selling stolen property” according to CCN’s report.

The burglary took place on 17 July this year and McFarlin’s arrest occurred on 2 August but the details of the robbery were only made public yesterday. Supervising deputy district attorney for Santa Clara County Scott Tsui has said that McFarlin is in Santa Clara County jail pending his court appearance on Monday. His bail was reportedly set at $500,000.

No details have been given on whether the stolen equipment belonged to Jobs or whether they were owned by other members of the family but it seems that McFarlin was not aware of whose home he had chosen to break into.

Tsui said to CNN “It appears to be a random deal. We don’t have anything to show that (Jobs’ family) was targeted.”

Source: CNN


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