Nokia’s Lumia 800 takes a trip up Mt. Everest


A skydiving enthusiast, Minesh Mandalia, has taken his Nokia Lumia 800 up to the base camp of Mount Everest. Mandalia was originally planning on taking his laptop along in order to browse the web, update Twitter and Facebook and sort out his videos and image but opted instead for his Lumia, “[because I]realised I could take my phone and have all those features put into one small device.”

In what is a testament to the construction of the Lumia 800 Mandalia said:

My phone handled the trip really well, despite being exposed to freezing temperatures (up to – 20c!). It even worked perfectly when my fingers couldn’t. It even managed to survive everything from getting bashed with trekking poles and hitting walls as you make way for the Yaks and Sherpas. Even in the bright sunlight reflecting off all the snow topped mountains and glaciers, I could still read my texts and messages on the screen.”

This is far from the most extreme trip that the Lumia 800 has taken however. Scientists earlier this year sent the device into the stratosphere on a balloon, reporting that it managed to perform admirably in some highly unlikely conditions (like a temperature of -61C).

Source/Image: WPCentral


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