Judge throws out three handsets from Apple-Samsung case


Samsung has seen a minor victory in the ongoing infringement case between the Korean company and Apple after the presiding judge threw out three of the handsets named in the suit. Samsung’s Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S i9000, and Galaxy S II i9100 were removed from the legal action because they “…weren’t sold by Samsung’s telecommunications and electronics divisions in the US.”

The ruling does not affect US specific versions of the Galaxy S and Galaxy S II handsets however.

Apple’s legal representation also rested its case yesterday in the patent infringement trial. Samsung attempted to get a Judgment as a Matter of Law that Apple had not proven their case, a request that Judge Lucy Koh denied.

Samsung is now moving forward on their defence in the trial, presenting their first witness, Benjamin Bederson, co-founder of Zumobi. Samsung claims that his work on a UI called LaunchTile counts as prior art for some of Apple’s patents.

Source: Ars Technica


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