The Olympic Games may feature holograms in future


Information technology services company Atos has released a report, titled Ascent at London 2012: A vision for sport and technology, detailing the technological possibilities for the athletic event come 2024. Part of the vision for the future includes the prospect of hologram tech being used to broadcast events from one Olympic stadium to another.

Atos Singapore spokesperson Gregoire Gillingham, speaking to CIO Australia, said “We predict that it will be possible to show holograms in a stadium within 10 to 15 years and the concept of a live event being projected via holograms into other stadiums filled with spectators to be a realistic prediction.”

Other predictions in sporting tech taken from the report include enhanced details, such as runner’s speeds, being presented to at-home viewer on television thanks to miniaturisation of current technology. Additional information on events could also be given to attendees in the stadium via a localised 3G or 4G network, something that is already being experimented with in Australia’s National Rugby League.

Other innovations could benefit Olympic athletes, including improved facilitation of training methods thanks to increased performance data, another item that is being developed in Australia at present using  3D imaging and biomechanical techniques for swimmers.

Source: PC World


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