Apple halts over-the-phone password resets following hack


Apple is putting a stop to over-the-phone AppleID password resets following the hacking of former Gizmodo reporter Mat Honan’s account last week. Honan blamed AppleCare technicians for the breach which resulted in all of his Apple devices being remotely wiped.

An unnamed Apple employee, speaking to Wired yesterday, said that there was a temporary ban on password requests via telephone. These measures may be in place while they look at what procedures need to be changed, if any. The lockdown was expected to last at least 24 hours.

The AppleCare employee whom Wired spoke to while the website attempted to replicate the hacker’s method of breaking into Honan’s iCloud account said “Right now, our system does not allow us to reset passwords. I don’t know why.”

Amazon has taken similar steps to protect user’s accounts.

Source: CNET


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