AMD launches FirePro combined CPU/GPU processors


AMD launched today the company’s new line of FirePro processors. Unlike their predecessors, this batch of chips included CPU and GPU processors. The previous line of FirePro processors were limited to graphics cores only.

Like AMD’s A-, C- and E-series desktop and laptop chips, the FirePro A300 series combines CPU and GPU cores into a single unit.

The FirePro A300 has four CPUs capable of running up to 4GHz and 384 graphics cores that can run up to 760MHz. The chip draws 65 watts of power. The FirePro A320 has the same configuration but the CPUs can sustain 4.2GHz and the GPU cores run at 800Mhz. The A320 draws 100 watts.

Pricing has not been announced for the chips but they are intended to go head to head with NVidia’s Quadro and Tesla chips, though the NVidia components do not have CPUs. The new FirePro chips will support multiple displays and display types.

AMD also issued a separate announcement regarding a new line of FirePro GPUs intended for workstations.

Source: PC World


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