The latest social network is being made for… cars


Automotive company Daimler AG is currently conducting the largest field trial to date of a ‘social network’ designed for cars. A series of cars have been linked, electronically, to each other and to the traffic infrastructure in Germany and will communicate with each other about the traffic situation.

Car-to-X  or C2X communication “…is set to show how this concept can be adapted in order to increase the road safety and efficiency of motor cars”, according to the company.

The C2X trials are taking place from now until the end of the year in Germany, in the Rhine-Main area. 120 vehicles will take part and will relay information regarding traffic jams and upcoming hazards based on what cars further up the road have reported “by providing information about an emergency stop to traffic further back, even if the actual brake lights may be hidden by a lorry.”

These tests form part of Daimler AG’s simTD (Safe Intelligent Mobility – test field Germany) research project. Project leader Dr. Christian Weiß said “We are convinced that C2X communication is going to play an important role in the mobility of the future. C2X communication allows us to detect objects and hazardous situations far beyond the immediate environment of the vehicle. This is a significant step on the path towards accident-free driving.”


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