Sharp increasing production of rumoured Apple screens despite mounting losses


Display manufacturers Sharp said today that the company is increasing production of screens said to be heavily favoured by Apple for its new devices. Sharp is doing so against the backdrop of a reduced outlook which indicates that the company will post another large loss for this year.

The Japanese company intends to invest $150 million in its IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) display tech, which analysts have reportedly been predicting will form part of Apple’s new line of products. Sharp claims that the IGZO screens reduce power consumption by up to 90% while permitting increased detail onscreen at the same transparency. This should assist in keeping battery drain smaller on electronic devices.

The company said that they started mass production of the displays in April this year and is hoping that technology such as the IGZO screens will return the company to a profitable place. Sharp has also said that they expect matters to worsen before they improve financially, saying that the company’s losses for March 2013 are about eight times worse than previously expected.

Source: Computerworld


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