Nokia closing Australian Qt offices, reportedly looking to sell Qt


Nokai is closing down their Qt offices in Australia, laying off the development staff there including  those responsible for QA and the QML user interface layout system according to a report from Ars Technica. Their last day will apparently be 31 August.

The closure has seemingly been confirmed by developer Lorn Potter, who posted a note on the Qt community mailing list detailing who will be let go.

Another message posted on the same mailing list by Nokia software engineer Atlant Schmidt claims that Nokia’s Sebastian Nyström has “…has been given explicit direction to sell-off the Qt asset.” Schmidt cites a source “I consider reliable” for the information.

This seems to be supported by a report from Phoronix which claims to have heard similar information last week from a German source. The source said that Nokia will see through the release of Qt 5.0 before “get[ting]rid of the tool-kit that’s long been known for its use within KDE or “radically shift[ing]” its development.”

Qt is a C++ framework that allows cross-platform development between mobile and desktop platforms.

Source: Ars Technica


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