Apple’s connector has shrunk again, Bluetooth 4.0 in iOS 6.0 and other new rumours


Two sources who have spoken to website iLounge have reported that previous rumours regarding the dock connector are incorrect, saying that instead of a 16-pin or 19-pin connector replacing the current standard 30-pin connector, an 8-pin version will be making an appearance.

The also-rumoured 8-pin connector will apparently be able to connect to docks and cables in either direction, much like Apple’s MagSafe power connector for newer laptops. It has been speculated that reports of the 16 or 19-pin connectors actually refer to an adapter that will allow 30-pin peripherals to work with the new standard of connector. iLounge has more details on what is yet another unconfirmed hardware change.

Another source, speaking to iLounge, has said that iOS 6 will feature support for Bluetooth 4.0, which would allow an iPhone to connect with other Apple devices and might even permit users to place calls from their iPads via their iPhones.

The final item is Sharp’s shipping of screens that will apparently be used in whatever Apple is releasing next, likely a new iPhone. Reuters reports that Apple has an event planned for 12 September, which would coincide with Sharp’s claims that they are shipping their new IGZO screens for Apple this month.

Source: iLounge and Digital Trends


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