iOS creeping up on Android in the States, BlackBerry lagging


Recently released second quarter information has shown that Google’s Android operating system is slowing down, with the data reporting a drop of 5% in US market share for the OS over last year.

Analyst firm Strategy Analytics has pointed out that Apple is the one picking up Android’s slack, making iOS the only operating system to have grown year-on-year in the US market. In the quarter ending 30 June 2012 Android devices had shipped a total of 23.8 million units, giving Android 56% of all sales in the States. This number, while impressive, still reflects a drop in Android’s dominance. This has led Strategy Analytics to speculate that Android may be “approaching a peak.”

Apple’s shipments in the country are up to 7.9 million units, totalling 33% of the market. This is an increase of 10% compared to this time last year.

RIM on the other hand has seen shipments decline by half, holding on to 6.5% of the market with their 1.6 million units shipped during the quarter.

Associate director at Strategy Analytics Alex Spektor said in a report, “This was one of the slowest growth rates ever experienced by the important U.S. smartphone market.”

Source: Tech Crunch


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