Apple component prepayments increase by $1.15 billion over June quarter


Apple Insider reports that Apple’s prepayments for inventory components have gone up over the June quarter by $1.15 billion.

This puts the company’s expenses in that area at the highest level it has been at in four years, according to Wells Fargo Securities analyst Maynard Um who pointed out the rise in expenses in Apple’s 10-Q filing. The growth there, according to Um, is suggestive of the rumoured new products expected from the company later on this year as the extra components should support the launch of several new devices.

Um pointed out that historically Apple’s stockpiling of inventory components has led to “a solid ramp-up in revenue” in subsequent quarters. The iPhone is expected to evolve this year but there is also talk of a new, smaller iPad, 13″ Macbook with a Retina display or even a new version of the iPod Nano. The question is: which of these is Apple preparing for?

Source: Apple Insider


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