Instagram passes 80 million users


Since Instagram was released for Android in April this year and then acquired by Facebook, the photo filtering and sharing service has grown considerably. According to a blog post from the company yesterday, the service has added around 30 million new users since the end of April.

This increase of 60% in the user base has occurred in the space of thirteen weeks, with over 4 billion photos being shared. According to a tweet from Instagram infrastructure engineer Rick Branson, there are now “… >5.7m users per employee.”

It took a year and a half for for Instagram to reach the 50 million mark and a little over three months to add more than half of that number to the number of users on the service. According to reports the increase in users doesn’t appear to be slowing down at the moment and with Facebook’s plans for the service, we can expect that number to get a lot higher.

Source: AllThingsD


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