Apple able to postpone “did not copy” ads – UK court


Apple has been given a temporary stay on a ruling last week which said that Apple had to run advertisement in the UK stating that Samsung’s tablets did not infringe in the company’s designs.

Apple was to place notices in several UK publications “in a font size no smaller than Arial 14 on a page earlier than page 6”, according to AllThingsD, was well as on their own website confirming that Samsung’s tablets were not copies of the iPad. Apple was granted a temporary reprieve thanks to a UK court’s decision yesterday, which will give the company enough time for the appeal to be heard in October.

Perhaps the aspect of the public statement ruling is that Apple would be forced to pay for the space to run the information in the British publications, essentially shelling out to advertise Samsung’s tablets. Once the appeal is heard, Apple will either be off the hook or will be forced to carry out Judge Colin Birss’ ruling.

Source: CNET


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