Twitter to roll out tweet exporting tool


According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, speaking yesterday to the New York Times, the social media company is working on a tool that will allow Twitter users to retrieve everything that  they have ever tweeted and compile it into a single file.

Something like this is already possible with third-party apps but Twitter users can only head back in time a few thousand tweets through official channels. Costolo has said that Twitter will only be allowing users to dredge up their own posts, with no plans to make a similar tool that would allow Twitter users to search through and archive other user’s tweets.

“It’s two different search problems. It’s a different way of architecting search, going through all tweets of all time. You can’t just put three engineers on it.”

The company has not announced an expected date for the tool to become available, saying only that it will arrive at some point.

Source: The New York Times via CNET


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