More reports of smaller iPhone 5 connector, September release expected


More reports have surfaced, purportedly from different sources, claiming that Apple’s new iPhone will feature a smaller 19-pin dock connector. A release date has also been given for the handset as September this year.

Other features that the so-called iPhone 5 will apparently feature include support for the new 4FF nano-sim format and will be 4G capable. The 4G access will however be restricted to US networks due to differences in frequencies in other parts of the world.

The launch date expected is mid-September this year, apparently to capitalise on current-gen iPhone users looking to upgrade and perhaps to scoop some users who are looking to switch to a smartphone for the first time. One rumoured release date for the phone is 21 September.

Apple has been contacted regarding the possible release dates, with the company saying that they do not comment on rumours and speculation.

Source: The Guardian


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