Apple’s new connector may make your accessories obsolete


There have been rumours of Apple testing a new connector for the latest iteration of the iPhone, one which will smaller in size. A Reuters report has apparently confirmed the existence of a new 19-pin dock connector that will be incompatible with pretty much everything you already own for your handset.

The report cites “two sources familiar with the matter” as saying that Apple will be replacing the existing 30-pin dock connector with a 19-pin version “to make room for the earphone moving to the bottom.”

This will mean that speakers, chargers and other peripherals that would ordinarily make use of this port will be outdated the moment the phone is released. This might mean good things for Apple and anyone who makes those peripherals, provided they don’t have too much stock left that requires the old connector, since it could mean a swath of new sales. Users may not be impressed with having to replace their existing kit however.

It may not be that bad for the end-user. IDC’s Franciso Jeronimo said:

“Apple needs to find a solution not to disappoint their current clients who want to upgrade to the new iPhone but are tied to an expensive accessory that have bought. I believe Apple will come up with some sort of adaptor so the new iPhone can be used with previous connectors.”

Source: CNN Money


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