Pwn Plug gets DARPA funding, levels up to Power Pwn


The Pwn Plug is a little device designed for remote testing of network security but this innocuous device has come a long way since March this year. DARPA has put some funds behind this bit of hacking tech and the end result is the Power Pwn, which looks like a simple surge protector.

Just like its predecessor, the Power Pwn is capable of testing network integrity but this version is able to do a “…full-scale penetration test from start to finish”, according to owner company Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello.

The Power Pwn was given funding through DARPA’s Cyber Fast Track initiative, which is aimed at developing a new generation of security tools. Porcello says “It’s kind of taking the tools that the hackers are using and putting them in the hands of the people that need to defend against the hackers.”

Source: Wired


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