Kodak patent ruled invalid – again – stalling Apple, RIM case


A patent owned by Kodak which concerns itself with a method for previewing an image on an LCD screen has been ruled invalid by the International Trade Commission (ITC). This ruling upholds a previous preliminary ruling by the ITC in May this year.

Kodak has been attempting to use its patent portfolio to extricate itself from financial hassles. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January this year. The patent with the most potential as a moneymaker is the image previewing item that has been ruled invalid, which explains why Kodak will file an appeal against the decision again.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal the validity of the patent has been upheld previously, leading Kodak to believe that they will have a shot at a successful appeal. Kodak is involved in litigation with BlackBerry maker RIM and Apple over the LCD patent and some devices have been found the infringe the patent. Without a valid patent however, the beleaguered company isn’t able to cash in on the infringement.

Source: CNET


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