AMD CEO’s (slightly depressing) views on the PC market


The head of AMD had some none-too-positive words regarding the PC industry during the company’s earnings call yesterday. Advanced Micro Devices has seen revenue drop by 10% in the second quarter, perhaps signalling a trend for the company and PC sales in general.

AMD’s CEO Rory Read said:

“For the first time since 2001, client PC shipments have declined sequentially for three consecutive quarters-and have been below historical averages for the last seven quarters. We also believe the PC industry may be resetting to a new [lower]baseline.”

Historically AMD has seen its sales increase from the second to third quarters and the departure from the norm is seen as troubling. Market research firm Gartner reported recently that “consumers are less interested in spending on PCs”, opting instead to focus on “…the latest smartphones and media tablets.”

Source: CNET


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