Google may be ordered to delete ‘torrent’, others from autocomplete function


According to a report from TorrentFreak, the French Supreme Court has ruled that Google could be required to censor certain search terms related to piracy. Google is involved in a suit with French music group SNEP, which is attempting to get Google to filter search terms.

Google has been accused of permitting copyright by allowing terms like ‘torrent’, ‘Rapidshare’ and ‘Megaupload’ to appear in autocomplete results. The latest ruling in the case, which began in 2010 and was defeated in two lower courts before coming before the French Supreme Court, says that Google has a responsibility to make it more difficult to find pirated content.

The French court also determined that Google was not responsible for infringement that happens on other websites before referring the case back to the Court of Appeal for a final decision.

Source: TorrentFreak via CNET


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