When you really want to protect your iPad, go bulletproof


VestGuard UK, a British company that is the country’s “Largest Manufacturer of Body Armour and Personal Protection Equipment”, will soon add something a little more technological to their lineup of body armour and security equipment: a bulletproof iPad case.

The Ballistic iPad cover is constructed from “cutting edge uni-directional aramid fibers processed to a high tolerance in VestGuard’s state of the art facility”, lending credence to claims that the cover will stop a 9mm handgun bullet. VestGuard UK points out in the press material for the case that the bulletproof feature is “not a metaphor.”

Unfortunately there is no information regarding pricing and availability of the Ballistic cover just yet. It seems they’re not ready for the market and the item isn’t appearing on VestGuard’s site at the moment.

Source/Image: Engadget


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