Rumours regarding the iPhone 5


There is a lot of speculation on the possibility of an iPhone 5 launching in 2012 and the rumours are once again flying about thick and fast. In the past month engineering samples of the device have apparently been sighted, claims of pre-orders being accepted for the phone in China have been made, as well as claims that the new handset is already in production.

Tech website CNET has compiled a list of the latest Apple iPhone 5 rumours, confining itself to information released in the month of July. Among the unconfirmed information is the sighting of an apparent engineering sample of the device which suggests a larger screen and the inclusion of a microphone in the handset.

A recent Reuters report stated that sellers on Chinese e-commerce portal Taobao are accepting pre-orders for Apple’s latest, though there has been no delivery time given and Apple has not confirmed when it will be available. The phone is being priced between $160 and $1,100, according to the reports.

Another Chinese blog claims that the handset is in production, citing the existence of iPhone 5 cases as evidence. These cases also seem to suggest a taller phone, as does another report from a Taiwan-based blog which claims to have seen an iPhone 5 frame which would permit a 4″ screen.

Of course this is all unconfirmed at the moment but the only consistency appears to be the larger screen area. For everything else, we’ll have to defer to Apple for now.

Source: CNET


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