RIM found liable for $147 million in patent damages


RIM has run into another obstacle on their path to extricating the company from a general negative outlook in the smartphone market. This one is in the form of a jury decision in San Francisco that found the company liable for $147.2 million in damages for infringing patents held by a company called Mformation.

The jury determined that Mformation had proved that RIM’s Blackberry Enterprise Server software infringes on patents held by the company and awarded Mformation $8 per handset sold in royalties, totaling up to the $147.2 million.

Mformation sued RIM in 2008, alleging that details of two patented technologies were disclosed to RIM during licensing discussions. RIM subsequently decided not to license anything from the mobile software company, according to Mformation’s complaint, and later included the patented tech in its systems.

RIM has denied Mformation’s allegations and claims that the patents the company holds are invalid. The BlackBerry maker has a request to reverse the judgement pending.

A RIM spokeswoman said, “While the verdict is in favor of MFormation on some claims of the single patent remaining in suit, five of eight claims were found to be invalid. The court still has to decide the question of ‘Obviousness’ with respect to the validity of the only patent in suit.”

Source: Bloomberg


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