Kickstarter project aims to combine “art and storytelling with mobile technology”


Kickstarter and tech go together like two things that really go together. One of the latest is a new video game project being spearheaded by a creative team with a lot of experience in movie animation. The team, who come from backgrounds like Walt Disney Animation and Dreamworks, is hoping to change the way that stories are told with their Club Caveman project.

The finished iPhone/iPad kid-friendly app will permit players to interact with Club the caveman via gestures and voice commands with the eventual aim of civilising him (to a certain degree). The hook is that the team wants to bring movie-quality animation to Club Caveman.

Club Caveman started life as a side project for Adam Kangas, Matt Leishman, Hyrum Osmond, Paul Schoeni and Ben Sweat – who have an impressive amount of credentials between them. The Kickstarter aims to give the group enough time and resources to make the side-project a reality, with extra funding going towards “…add[ing]more animation, develop more sophisticated voice recognition, and use a real-time 3D rendering engine for a drastically increased number of interactions.”

The goal for the Club Caveman Kickstarter is a paltry $10,000, a drop in the bucket compared to other recent fundraising attempts. It seems a small price to pay for something that might signal a change in how animated entertainment is presented.

“We also envision a possibility where we could release it as a Mac app and some day an Apple TV app, assuming some day they launch that product.”

Source: Kickstarter via Wired


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