Amazon launches free-to-play Game Connect offering


Amazon has rolled out a new service called Game Connect, aimed at PC gamers, which will be offering access to free-to-play and MMO titles.

The major feature in Game Connect is Amazon’s unified payment system that developers will be able to integrate into their titles. The convenience factor aside, it is a useful tool for devs when you consider that free-to-play games stay profitable through microtransations.

Amazon Games director Mike Frazzini said “Customers can now discover a new category of free-to-play games and can experience the convenience of having virtual items purchased with their Amazon account delivered directly to their game accounts.”

“Game Connect helps game developers reach more customers, move more quickly and grow their business by simplifying the purchase process for customers. This is an exciting next step for the Digital Games Store and we have even more to come.”

The launch titles for Amazon’s Game Connect include World of Tanks, Runescape, Allods and Rise of Immortals. Amazon has also sweetened the deal for anyone who already plays certain launch titles by offering bonus content to those who link their game accounts to Amazon’s service.



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