RIM customers preparing for the worst


Several of RIM’s larger corporate customers, from GoDaddy to Thames River Capital, are preparing for the eventuality that the BlackBerry service is no more, according to a Bloomberg report.

The recent poor performance from RIM has customers concerned that the day will come that the company won’t be around. Thames River Capital, an asset management company, has said that they expect most of their employees, who currently use BlackBerrys, to switch either to Apple’s iPhone or and Android solution when the company’s service contract with RIM expires this year.

Chief infrastructure officer at GoDaddy Auguste Goldman said in an interview that the company has plans to migrate users to other platforms in the event of a “significant outage” of the BlackBerry service. The chances of the service dropping are apparently slim however, with a RIM spokesman saying “The BlackBerry infrastructure and services are among our most valuable assets. BlackBerry customers depend on our robust network and they can continue to depend on it going forward.”

Avi Greengart, a technology research director at Current Analysis, has said that “RIM’s situation is dire, but even in a worst-case scenario, RIM’s servers aren’t likely to get turned off anytime soon. Still, IT managers are looking more seriously at alternatives to BlackBerry. There’s a whole industry ready to provide security and management around Apple and Android.”

Source: Bloomberg


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