Vodacom’s new all-in-one Smart Plans detailed


Vodacom over the weekend announced new all-in-one Smart Plans, which consist of a smartphone, data, talk time and SMS bundles. The ‘all-in-one’ label isn’t an exaggeration, Vodacom’s newest offerings appear to cover pretty much everything, though increased data across the board would have been nice.

There are four packages for customers to choose from, from the Smart Lite (R135 per month) to the Smart Super (R1,700 per month) plans. Smart Lite consists of 100MB of data, 100 SMSes and 95 minutes of talk time, broken up into 75 off-peak minutes to any network and 20 promotional anytime minutes to Vodacom numbers. Like all of the packages, these features are renewed monthly.

Smart Standard (R390 per month) offers 300MB of data, 300 SMSes and 250 talk time minutes, split into 130 anytime minutes to any network, 60 promotional anytime minutes to Vodacom numbers and 60 weekend minutes to Vodacom numbers. Smart Advanced (R850 per month) gives users 400MB of data, 400 SMSes and 810 airtime minutes (450 anytime any network, 180 promotional anytime to Vodacom and 180 weekend to Vodacom) while Smart Super has 800MB of data, 800 SMSes and 1,540 minutes (1,000 anytime any network, 360 promotional anytime to Vodacom and 180 weekend minutes to Vodacom).

Smart Plan minutes carry over to the following month, should they remain unused, but the promotional minutes in these packages fall away if they have not been taken advantage of.

Enzo Scarcella, managing executive of marketing at Vodacom, said, “Customers want a combination of quality network coverage, a broad range of smartphones to choose from and excellent service – and we’re offering them just that.”

Vodacom’s Smart Plans became available on 7 July.


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