HTC wins key patent battle with Apple


HTC won what has been called a “significant” patent victory against Apple in a London high court yesterday, a ruling which resulted in the court invalidating Apple’s ‘slide to unlock’ patent. Apple will, as a consequence of the decision, be unable to ban imports of HTC handsets to the UK.

Peter Bell, senior associate at Stevens & Bolton LLP, explained: “Two of Apple’s prize patents have been knocked out in the UK, including the patent that protects the ‘slide to unlock’ mechanism that consumers are likely to associate with Apple’s products, and a third patent has been knocked out in part. The fourth patent that was in dispute was held not to be invalid, but not infringed by HTC’s devices.”

Bell has suggested that Apple will appeal the court’s decision, something that is almost a given considering Apple’s ongoing patent litigation around the world.

The Guardian reports that Apple UK declined to comment on the judgement, saying only “We think competition is healthy, but competitors should create their own original technology, not steal ours.”

Source: The Guardian


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